Monday, December 10, 2007

It begins.

For seventy generations, his ancestors kept a terrible secret. They belonged to a publishing society so carefully kept hidden that its members did not know each other. Yet, 1000 years ago, they broke their vows of secrecy and came together for the singular purpose of enacting a prophecy. This prophecy foretold the birth of one whose legendary ordinariness would change the face of publishing...forever.

His impact would be narrowspread and not many people would know his name. He would successfully come through the terrible Publishing Wars of 2007 and singlehandedly destroy the vile Typesetting Terrorist Factions. Leader of the Content Reckoning of 2008, he would humbly develop from his damp basement.

Michael would be his name, and he would be born in Houston, Texas just 8 days after man first landed on the moon (where a secret publishing lunar outpost was quietly established). His schooling would take place completely in public to draw attention away from his incredible purpose. He would live briefly in Indiana to learn an appreciation of nature, and to have a short span of time where he could be free from publishing obligations. He would live in McAllen, Texas for 2 years to quell the Ligature Mafia uprising before establishing his base of operations in San Antonio, TX. From there, for 20 years, he began to enact the publishing prophecy. His education: four years in Fine Arts at the San Antonio Art Institute; seven years of advertising art at San Antonio College; four years of technology training at the University of Phoenix. Several jobs, all publishing related (printers, magazine publishers, and academic publishers, self-employed network consulting with publishing companies) honed his skills and validated years of focused, deliberate breeding. Thousands of ancestors could finally rest.

Finally, he would move to Dallas, and it was time ... the publishing world would shift and he would be behind it all, having worked so cleverly behind the scenes no one would notice that it was he who would set it all up... and the prophecy would be fulfilled...

...for now.

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